Case Studies

AEC Federal Election 2019

2019 AEC Federal Election 

The Australian Electoral Commission partnered with Fuji Xerox DMS for the 2019 Federal Election ballot paper processing. Fuji Xerox processed 15,184,085 ballot papers across 8 processing sites with approximately 100 million fields captured.

ABS Same Sex Marriage Survey

Fuji Xerox was one of the main suppliers in the ABS Same Sex Marriage Survey postal vote. Fuji Xerox sent out over 16 million envelopes with letters and forms across Australia, then, digitally captured 12 million completed survey forms within 28 business days. To find out more on how Fuji Xerox assisted in this process, click the below video. 

2016 AEC Federal Election

With a project lead time of 6 weeks, 8 dedicated facilities were setup across Australia to process 14.6 million Senate Ballot Papers for the 2016 Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) Federal Election. Click the below video to find out more.