Lands Information Management

Established in 1979, Fuji Xerox Document Management Solutions is Australia’s largest provider of registration, survey, record, valuation and managed land information services. Our services include daily tasks of a Registry such as document Lodgement and examination right through to managing and storing content as well as total provision of all the information via our Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

"This new system delivers efficiencies in the processing of land and valuation transactions, while providing improved access to land and property information for industry professionals and members of the public. It gives the legal, finance and conveyancing industries 24/7 access to core business systems and access to government information and products via a single login."

Stephen Mullighan, Minister for Transport and Infrastructure at Government of South Australia

ILIS is the only complete land information system operating in three jurisdictions in Australia (with a fourth sale completed internationally). As ILIS is deployed each time in different jurisdictions, with differing legislation and requirements, there is proof of its adaptability, scalability and most importantly links to constant development to maintain the leading land information system status. The benefits of joint development are already evident through co-operative development of requirements.


All jurisdictions in Australia are analysing their management land information systems. Typically the costs of developing a new lands system have been significantly prohibitive on a single jurisdiction basis. Co-operation between jurisdictions is now possible under the ILIS Commercialisation model and the economies of scale are significant. The four existing ILIS deployments are case in point. ILIS is allowing any jurisdiction to consider a modern integrated land information system with certainty of data, availability and future requirements delivered as a guaranteed service.

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