LCD Mailer

Fuji Xerox LCD mailer sample

Some things are better said than read!

An LCD Mailer provides the unique opportunity to convey the exact message you want directly to your customers and prospects. More importantly it has significant engagement and cut-through because the physical nature of the piece avoids the quick burn rate of email.

Customers can interact with the mailer at their leisure, and the innovative nature of the product means they are likely to share the piece with family and friends.

Each mailer can contain four different videos (up to 1GB in total). The videos can contain limitless combiniations of video footage, testimonial, interview, infographics and demonstrations. Anything that benefits from verbal explanation works well within an LCD Mailer. 

The card packaging provides opportunity for introduction of the video and copy to create context for the recipient.

Features & Benefits

•Enclosed video play when card is opened and stops when folded back
•Comes with USB cable for charging and upload/update videos
•Able to stop, rewind and play
•Full colour printing on card
•Very innovative in the communication space
•Can get across many messages and can be updated so you can use over and over