eKey Marketing Solutions

eKey Marketing Solutions

What is a USB eKey?

Do you want to drive more customers to your web page, start a two-way communication and track when they connect to you? The USB eKey is a versatile product allowing you to effectively mix print and digital in a simple mailer. The eKey helps to minimise print and postage costs while improving customer satisfaction and brand experience by conveniently providing relevant information. 

Unlocking the door to instant website traffic, the eKey plugs into any USB port and automatically takes customers to your choice of website, personalised landing page or even to a campaign site.    

How can Fuji Xerox Document Management Solutions help?

We can assist in all the following areas:

  • Host a web site
  • Redirect to your web site
  • Redirect to our website
  • Host the content
  • Redirect to your content
  • Provide generic content
  • Provide personalised content if we can authenticate the user
  • Provide us reference files to authenticate against
  • Can authenticate against data that we already hold

Features & Benefits

  • The eKey automatically launches  your Web browser on a predefined web page
  • The eKey is small and light, which makes mailing them out to your potential or existing customers easy
  • The eKey is a great giveaway at shows or exhibitions – to promote your web page, introduce new products or to provide updated customer information
  • The eKey can come stamped with your organisation’s corporate logo and can include a promotional letter


With traditional mailings and/or campaigns it can be difficult to measure receipt or your response rate.  By using an eKey you can drive targeted traffic to specific website addresses, making it much easier to count the number of visits.

The eKey provides digital confirmation that the customer has received their information provided.

By utilising other web tracking technologies, such as Google Analytics or AddFreeStats, you can easily create detailed reports on how your target audience responded.