ePresentment and Payment

Fuji Xerox Document Management Solutions is the market leader in multichannel document distribution. From a single input file distribution to any channel can be facilitated across multiple vendors!

A key component of our ePresentment solution is our ability to:

  • manage dynamic customer preferences
  • facilitate the distribution of documents across multiple delivery channels
  • manage the fall-back to an alternate channel if the primary mechanism fails
  • handle direct or third party payment processing  

Our ePresentment solution can deliver documents through multiple interfaces including:

  • Portal integration
  • ViewPay
  • BPay View TM
  • Any digital mailbox service
  • Consumer direct
  • Social Media

We work closely with our clients to ensure our offering evolves with your needs - for both the immediate and long term.

For our scalable long term partnership opportunities please visit Business Outcomes: Future Proofing