Office Mail Consolidator

The manual mail production poses inherent business risks and increased cost including:

  • Inconsistency of brand and/or content
  • Full rate postage and lack of postal tracking
  • Higher margin of error
  • Content not retained within the corporate archive

The Fuji Xerox Office Mail Consolidator allows organisations to place rigour and quality control around the management of ad hoc mail. It enables the benefits of outsourced mail production to be achieved by consolidating ad hoc processes. More importantly it provides both paper and electronic distribution options, with the option to archive communications for future reference.

The Office Mail Consolidator allows our clients to submit customer communications to Fuji Xerox for printing and mailing within the postal system. With the Office Mail Consolidator our clients have achieved an average saving of $2.50 to $4.00 per article (based on postage of a small letter).   

Using the Office Mail Consolidator organisations take control of ad-hoc document production, and achieve the benefits and cost savings that Fuji Xerox deliver. 

Office Mail Consolidator Diagram