Multi-channel communications


It is not just the provision of many communication channels that is important; in fact it is the management of dynamic consumer preferences and channel fall over which is unique to Fuji Xerox. Our closed loop solution provides automated management across all channels. One common example is where an email address is no longer valid the communication is then routed to the next paper production run.

The ability to offer a range of channels that can be used simultaneously in an integrated fashion is one of our strongest market leadership characteristics. This approach to customer communication affords our clients the ability to choose and swap channels based on their needs and the preferences of their customers. 

Screen FXDMS CS OI diagram

Seamless management of multi-channel communication can:

  • increase the opportunities for talking to customers on a one to one basis
  • allow customers to choose how they interact with their service providers
  • increase the likelihood of positive outcomes for growth objectives through higher levels of customer experience, closer customer relationships and greater levels of trust and loyalty.

Our access to global market trends and consumer understanding ensures we will always have all the channels covered that you need converse with your customers.