With the rise of online shopping there has been a significant increase in demand for secure and quality accredited fulfilment services. Fulfilment services are core business for Fuji Xerox and we have over 30 years of experience and expertise. Leveraging our existing physical and technology infrastructure our clients can access our exclusive internet ordering solution: ORDERdirect.

Our warehouses have thousands of pallet locations in racking systems, and carton locations on their pickface. State-of-the-art stock handling equipment is used to manoeuvre and pick stock and a strong commercial relationship with suppliers ensures that we are kept up-to-date with stock moving technology.

All sites are completely secured with perimeter fencing, alarms and internal access being strictly pass-card controlled. The fulfilment area where all stock is stored and processed is further secured by physical fencing, restricted card-access and CCTV monitoring. The complete warehouse environment has sealed floors, dust proof doors and racking to ensure that stock condition is maintained during storage.

Discuss how our ORDERdirect solution might simplify and expedite your fulfilment process.