Risk Management

Fuji Xerox applies a consistent framework for the management of Risk. This incorporates the application of risk management strategies, processes and infrastructure to support the vision for risk management. The Fuji Xerox “Risk Management Process and Guidelines” support the implementation of the Risk Management Policy and these guidelines are based on the principles articulated in the ISO 310000 Risk Management Standard.

The strategic imperative of the risk management framework is to develop risk management as a core business capability and assist management to determine the appetite for risk (choice of business strategies and actions) and tolerance to risk (economic and operating sensitivities) and to communicate these throughout Fuji Xerox.

We believe risk management is the responsibility of every employee and must be integrated into the day to day management and operation of our business to guide decision making at Senior Leadership Team level and within each functional and business unit.

Fuji Xerox has a ‘zero’ tolerance for the following areas of risk:

Risk Management Committee (“RMC”)

The role of the Risk Management Committee (comprising nominated members of the Senior Leadership Team) is to direct the implementation and operation of an appropriate risk management framework and culture. The RMC is also responsible for reviewing and challenging risk information relevant to current and emerging material risks, driving risk management strategies and escalating risk issues to the President & CEO.

The committee comprises: